Hi Q Homestaging & Design - Testimonials

I had a two bathroom renovation project for my newly bought condo. I reached out to Michelle from a referral and was told positive things about her attention to detail and commitment to working in unison with clients.  My condo is 40+ years old and there had been no changes made to these bathrooms by any of the previous owners. My goal was to upgrade both completely to a newer modern look.  There were not just decorative but structural changes required and everything in both spaces had to be completely replaced including new plumbing, lighting, tiling and flooring.  My en suite needed a wall and two doors removed in order to open the space and install a barn door entry from the master bedroom into the master bath.  In my guest bathroom, Michelle suggested removing a drop ceiling to open up that space and pot lighting.  What a difference that these changes and Michelle’s material choices and fixtures created - both bathrooms have turned out be more beautiful than I had imagined.  These creative ideas included installation of an ALL GLASS SHOWER which has garnered me with many praising comments by family and friends.  She worked with a group of tradesmen right from contracting to managing very tight time lines and delivery of materials to site.  Michelle’s ability to source, procure (vanity sets, natural stone tops, trims, faucets, tiles, artwork, accessories etc.) has left me speechless yet totally exhilarated.  I am extremely pleased by her work and impressed with her dedication to my projects, on time finish and best of all very close (if not exact amount) to the budget we had outlined right from the on-set.   Steve - Toronto

"As a writer there is nothing more important than having a space to call, “a room of one’s own”.  I needed my space to work as a writer/ music studio, and a place to live.  Michelle has been an incredible support in helping to create more Chi to my space and providing design ideas that suit my lifestyle. My space is now more grounded, elegant and functional.  Michelle was able to understand my budget, need for work space, and provided fantastic ideas for me to save into the future.  I recommend Hi Q Home Staging & Design to anyone who is looking for a designer knows how to listen to her clients, and provide quality service.  With kindness and gratitude, I hope you are all able to enjoy Michelle’s work and flow as I have." -- Trinh Kim Diep - Toronto poet and writer

"Michelle, I wanted to thank you for the work and attention you have given to my home and business.  I have been making adjustments at my home that I know are making a big energetic difference.  It is very interesting what small but significant changes can make.  You have provided me with a lot of inspiration and insight.  It will be a work in progress...incremental changes - but very positive and powerful." -- Paige - owner of WILDBIRD - Toronto, Ontario

"Michelle is the real deal! I was looking for someone to help me Fung Shui my new home and I found Michelle through a google search. I immediately felt her warmth and sincere willingness to help me. She was very patient with me and took time to explain my questions. I love the unique and easy to implement suggestions that she made to attract better chi into my home. I often have guests say that they love the energy of my home! If you want to attract better energy into your life and home I would definitely consult with Michelle." -- Irene - Toronto, Ontario

"Michelle, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the compassion that you have shown me. The Feng Shui Analysis shows me what a kind and caring person you are, as well as how professional and knowledgeable. I thank you very much. Reading through your analysis is giving me such a sense of calmness and security." -- Nayiri - Laval, Quebec

"Michelle made the process of implementing Feng Shui totally uncomplicated and fun.  How refreshing to see someone so passionate about what she does.  She really listens to what inspires you and gives great suggestions.  I felt a wonderful sense of flow as soon as I started to make changes and I cannot wait to do the rest of my home." -- Anna - Toronto, Ontario

"I successfully applied the recommended cures to 3 areas of my life and experienced tremendous benefits.  My home and personal chi energies have shifted. I feel more connected to all aspects of my life, and I look forward to experiencing more positive changes once all cures are applied to other areas of my life/home.  It is work in progress, but what I can say for certain is this experience will change my life forever.  I wish I would have looked into Feng Shui sooner.  I would not have believed its power had I not experienced it myself. Thank you Michelle for transforming my life, for getting me unstuck and for caring so much."  --Virginie - Toronto, Ontario

"A few years ago I had bought a house and Michelle helped me to choose the colors for my walls and window coverings. Back then she was just thinking about expressing her art. I was so excited and happy that she finally decided to embrace her natural talent for home decorating, staging and anything that has to do with living environments. She is a savvy shopper, extremely resourceful, has a keen eye for details and adapts to a budget to what needs to be done. Recently, Michelle has done Feng Shui enhancements at my house which is currently up for sale, I feel very confident that not only I will sell my house quickly but that I will also get a fair price for it." -- Danièle - Rosemere, Quebec