Urban Feng Shui consultant - Hi Q Home Staging & Design

Around the world, Feng Shui knowledge is used in homes and in business extensively by every day people who aspire for more in their lives, heads of states, corporate executives looking to raise profits, many celebrities and money moguls.  Feng shui is an ancient art and science that was developed with roots dating back 18,000 years ago from Tibet, then influences from India and China helped to shape this sacred practice and where it is today. It is the art of placement to enhance the way you feel in your space.

Feng means wind and Shui means water.  Good Feng Shui is wind and water that are associated with good health, fortune creating the most suitable environments for living and creating flow in spaces.

  • Connect what you want for your life moving forward to your living/working space by creation of better flow, lifting the chi energy. Balance and enhanced well-being is created.

A heart-centered certified Urban Feng Shui design consultant who studied in NYC with the well known author and highly respected Master Feng Shui Architect - RD Chin.  Trained in the BTB Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School developed in the US in the mid-eighties by Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun.   Studies also include a certificate in 'Feng Shui for Real Estate' from the Canadian School of Feng Shui.  

Incorporation of Intuitive/Modern School of Feng Shui that works with energy and intention.  This approach to Feng Shui is a westernized method which incorporates placement, creating improved flow, incorporates interior design to lift the chi energy of the space helping to clear blockages so that both you and your space have a positive, uplifted energetic connection and will be supportive to you.

  • The consultation takes anywhere between 2 - 4 hours depending on the size of the space.
  • You will be left with a floor plan detailing ideas for enhanced energy flow along with simple written suggestions.  
  • Consultation rate is based on square footage of the space.  Workshops also available.
  • This art is a beautiful way to honor and create your sacred space.
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