Interior Design for your home or commerical projects

As a stylist I provide the plan and strategies with your ideas and determine the best functionality and desired mood of the space.  The styling and design will reflect the individuality of your home or your business.  I help create the 'WOW' factor in your space.  The difference is in the details and well-edited design.  

Here is the start of the transformation; together we formulate what it is that you want your space to be. We work together deciding on style, preferences, current trends, colour consultation, paint, shapes, lighting, pattern, furniture placement, textures, fabrics, carpets, proportion, scale, flooring, walls, art and accessorizing.  Adding the right textures, focal points, accessories and art are all elements that complete and warm a room.    

Furniture sourcing and Art sourcing are also available.  I provide what is available within your price range and timeline.  I can source whatever it is that you need to complete your space - from anywhere.  I handle the logistics of having it delivered to your home or office to save you more time.  Being a designer I have access to discounts and commercial quality furniture that can really open up your choices and qualities.  Let me know if you are looking for specific items.  My mission is to narrow down what you want for your space and to show you the possibilities at your finger tips.  Recent projects have involved some virtual interior design which is ideal for busy clients that want the sourcing presented and final choices made by you and I look after everything else seamlessly.

  • I incorporate basic elements of feng shui into the design. This further balances and enhances the flow, placement while combining colour and texture.  Along with your intentions, we create a space that feels as good as it looks. Surround yourself with the things you LOVE.