ABOUT - Hi Q Home Staging & Design & Urban Feng Shui

The ability to feel flow in spaces along with a passion for art, color, optimizing layouts, design, creative space, sacred space, utilization of natural materials, architecture, sourcing unique furniture and accessories and for over 17 years implementing the sacred ancient art of placement.

A certified Urban Feng Shui design consultant who studied in NYC with the well known author and highly respected Master Feng Shui Architect - RD Chin.  Trained in the BTB Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School developed in the US in the mid-eighties by Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun.   Studies also include a certificate in 'Feng Shui for Real Estate' from the Canadian School of Feng Shui as well as working one on one with other teachers based in Toronto and Montreal.  Completed two certificates from the University of Toronto:  'Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation program' and specialization:  'Contemporary Applications of Mindfulness-Based Interventions - The Mind at Work program'.

Incorporation of Intuitive/Modern School of Feng Shui that works with energy and intention.  This approach to Feng Shui is a westernized method which incorporates placement, creating improved flow, incorporates interior design to lift the chi energy of the space helping to clear blockages so that both you and your space have a positive energetic connection.  

  • Intuitive approach of pin pointing changes that will provide the most dramatic impact and give space more flow helping lift energy.
  • A stylist with an eye for unique creative design, complemented by studies at The Interior Design Institute as well as Home Stager certification through the APSD Institute in Colorado. 
  • A heart-centered approach helping guide energetic awareness in one's surroundings.
  • Starting fresh?  I can help you to make the most out of your space and have your surroundings support you moving forward.  
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